When Should You Get Relationship Counselling?

Feb 29, 2020Counselling

Most couples get relationship counselling when they are already in crisis mode. This is mainly because of the notion that seeing a counsellor is only necessary when things have already escalated.

What usually happens is that couples opt to tackle minor issues on their own, thinking that it is something they can overcome without professional intervention. There is nothing wrong with this as couples should be capable to resolve certain matters on their own.

The problem begins when they fail to recognise that the problems aren’t getting solved, and animosity is starting to brew between them. Before they know it, they are already at opposite ends of the table unable to communicate or worse, damaging their relationship beyond repair.

The Ideal Time to Get Relationship Counselling

This now brings us to the question – when should couples see a counsellor? The ideal time to get relationship counselling is long before the need arises.

Simply put, you do not have to wait for a minor problem to become a major one. You can see a counsellor even when the issues are seemingly small and trivial. The truth is that you can get therapy even if you aren’t encountering problems.

However, doing this – getting counselling early on – requires a major shift in perspective. You need to stop looking at relationship counselling as a crisis solution. You should view it instead as a preventive measure – one that enables you to nip the issue in the bud and keeps your relationship in a healthy state.


Relationship counselling is not about blame games but rather a venue for you and your partner to really hear each other out with the help of an objective third party, your counsellor. It is meant to help you make positive changes that can better your relationship.

For one, the therapy can improve your conflict resolution skills, equipping you with tried and tested tools and techniques. These enable you to quickly and effectively address issues you and your partner encounter.

It can also teach you how to effectively communicate with each other. This is highly important as a lot of relationships breakdown due to the couple’s inability to talk and listen to each other.

Basically, the goal of relationship counselling is to help you achieve personal growth in a way that benefits your partnership.

What Relationship Issues Can Be Resolved with Counselling?

Couples therapy can benefit all kinds of relationship problems. Reports show that unfaithfulness is one of the top reasons why pairs see a relationship counsellor. It is also a useful tool in settling issues involving finances, communication and even sensitive matters like intimacy.

Getting therapy can likewise be beneficial in times of major events that shake the stability of the union. These life-changing situations include losing a job or starting a new one, moving to a new house, getting married, being first-time parents and losing a loved one, to name but a few.

Counselling can help you navigate these events without causing your partner hardships and disrupting your relationship.

Seeing a counsellor is also a good idea when you feel that your partnership has plateaued. She can guide you in identifying the reason/s behind the stagnation. More importantly, she can provide advice on how to rejuvenate your union, specifically building one that’s fulfilling for both of you.

In summary, don’t wait too long to get couples therapy. The earlier you see a professional, the more beneficial it would be for your relationship.

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