Pre Marriage Courses

Dublin Pre-marriage Course, Certificate provided

Dublin Pre-marriage Course

Private couple pre-marriage sessions are available on request.

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Certificate provided

We issue you with a  pre-marriage certificate which is accepted by catholic priests and also for couples getting married abroad.

Pre-marriage course Price


Director of pre-marriage content

Beth Fitzpatrick – Director of Access counselling, MIACP, Diploma in counselling & psychotherapy, IACP Supervisor, MIACP. Beth has been a counsellor for over 15 years, a family therapist, and a community group counsellor for all issues, providing skills in parenting, relationships, depression, and bereavement. Facilitators are assigned by appointment.

Areas covered in the pre-marriage course

  1. Communication in a relationship- openness rules how to resolve issues within the relationship.
  2. Planning for the relationship – for a future together.
  3. Work and how it effects the relationship and how to reduce and resolve current and potential issues.
  4. Money – how it can effect the relationship and how to reslove current and potential problems.
  5. Family – in-laws and friends – how they can impact a couple and a marriage and how to build a nurturing envirnoment for the relationship within these potential stressful situation.
  6. Religion – We teach you how religion or different beliefs can impact the relationship and how to live in a loving relationship and marriage within healthy different opinions.
  7. Wedding preparation – Finally how to stay together and focus on what you want in a loving and nurturing way and manage the stressful activities leading up the wedding.

Causes of problems in a marriage

Causes are usually from one or several of the following areas; finances, sexuality, communication, conflict, parenting, in-laws, leisure time, family of origin, spirituality, expectations, and chores. We aim to address these issues in advance and prevent them from damaging a new marriage.

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