Family Counselling

When normal family conflicts turn into daily shouting matches...

Relationship or family counselling may be particularly useful for:

  • Problems developing in one or more family members which affect all (i.e.: children’s problems, anger, depression in one partner etc.)
  • Family or relationship change such as divorce, or children leaving home
  • Cultural and ethnic conflict within relationships
  • Sexual or cultural differences between the family and the larger community
  • Finding the satisfaction you seek in relationships
Family Counselling Dublin

All families have conflict

It’s the nature of people living in close proximity. But when normal conflicts turn into daily shouting matches, family members begin hurting each other emotionally (and sometimes physically) and a feeling of anger permeates the household, it’s time to do something about it. Blended families in which one or both parents bring to the marriage children from previous relationships present their own unique dynamics. Let’s face it. It isn’t always the Brady Bunch. But there is help.

Sometimes the conflict is caused by the inappropriate or unacceptable behavior of one or more members of the family. But it affects everyone. While we work with those individuals to try to help them with the cause of their actions, we also work with the entire family so they can provide support for that person and for each other, and to learn how to reduce the conflict.

Families can be thought of as a system of interacting parts. We learn how to think, feel and behave from the families in which we grew up. When these beliefs are not challenged and/or changed, we pass on that legacy to our children and their families.

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