Online Counselling

Online psychotherapy from the comfort of your home

We established our dedicated online counselling service in 2020, recognising that many of our clients were interested in the flexibility and convenience of online therapy, combined with many of the recent advances in technology. It allows clients located anywhere in Ireland to access a similar level of services to those provided at our centre in Dublin.

Online Psychotherapy Dublin Ireland

Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service combines the ethical foundations of counselling and psychotherapy, with the accessibility of online communication, to bring you a safe and user-friendly online counselling service.

We offer you the ability to establish a deep relationship between you and your therapist, all through the medium of Zoom.

We also offer relationship counselling on line which can be very accessible for couples with busy lifestyle and kids. These sessions can be done during school hours or when kids are in bed.

You can send us an enquiry or call us on 01 5240708. We will promptly answer your questions. In addition, we can schedule an appointment for online counselling without delay.

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