Art Therapy

Using visual creative process for healing

What is Art Psychotherapy?

Art therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. Due to Art Therapy not being reliant on verbal communication, it is useful in cases where people cannot find the words for their experiences. This type of psychotherapy uses the visual creative process for healing, and focuses on creating something as a way of expressing difficult thoughts or feelings.

Clients can use the creative process to contain these thoughts or feeling outside of themselves in a place that can hold them. Art therapy can be used in a group setting or as individual therapy and has a natural connection with mindfulness”

Art Therapy Counsellling Dublin

Creative Arts Therapy in Dublin

Art Therapy uses art media and creative interventions to encourage self-expression and reflection within a therapeutic relationship (Irish Association of Creative Art Therapist, 2022).

It provides insight and order through integrating one’s inner and outer world of experience (L. Gant, 2009).The client uses different artistic techniques, e.g., drawing, painting, photography or working with clay, to create a piece of art and in the process explores self-expression, gains new ways of coping and personal insights.

The creation process and finished piece is then explored to understand what has been created, and how it makes the client feel. It can be used to explore emotions, boost self-esteem, develop self-awareness and cope with stress.

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