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When personal or work difficulties begin to diminish an individual’s quality of life and also has a negative impact on your mental, physical or emotional welfare, then it could be time to talk with someone who has the necessary specialised training and expertise to give the support and help needed to identify and resolve such difficulties.


Depression Counselling

Depression can appear in mental and physical forms. Overcome the issues that are at the root.

Stress Management

Stress is a feeling that we get when struggling to cope with the pressures of life. Find a safe and reflective space to begin to explore your life.

Anger Management

Learn how to relax during a difficult situation. Sometimes uncontrolled or chronic anger can be costly both emotionally and physically.

Family Counselling

All families have conflict. It’s the nature of people living in close proximity. But when normal family conflicts turn into daily shouting matches...

Anxiety Counselling

Learn new skills and ways of thinking. Anxiety is a normal emotional response that most of us experience as part of our day to day lives.


Look at the problem in a different way. Together. Couple counselling works by giving you the chance to be heard.


Turn pain into growth. Death ends a life, not a relationship. Everybody experiences loss and bereavement in the course of their lives.


Are you:

Counselling is a medium that helps you to explore the difficulties you have within a caring, professional and confidential environment. Our low cost counselling enables you to access the coping and managing skills needed to determine what course of action would best help you resolve your personal issues.

Access Counselling Clinic Dublin has experienced, compassionate counsellors skilled at helping you tackle and resolve your personal and/or work related concerns in a confidential and caring atmosphere.

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