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Learn how to relax during a difficult situation

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Uncontrolled or chronic anger can be costly both emotionally and physically.

Most people can use their anger in appropriate ways in some situations, and yet be very inappropriate in others.

Anger Management Counselling Dublin

Do You Need Personal Anger Management Counselling?

Having chronic or uncontrolled anger can lead to problems in your home or work life that has disastrous results. Using anger at inappropriate times can cause others to avoid you making it difficult to socialize or find employment. If you have noticed problems with angry outbursts or long-term rage, then it is time to seek counselling with a professional. While many individuals with anger management issues avoid talking to a therapist, it is the best way to learn the skills necessary to control hostile emotions. At Access Counselling Clinic in Dublin, we help clients find new ways to think and act to control unpleasant emotions.

Learn New Anger Management Coping Skills

You can learn new skills concerning anger management with a combination of one-on-one or group therapy with a qualified counsellor. Clients visiting us for anger management issues often have physical symptoms including breathing difficulties, high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. This is due to adrenalin rushing through the bloodstream to assist you escape danger. A constant high level of adrenalin in the body leads to mental health issues too, making you feel stressed and anxious. Learning new coping skills is imperative to stop the pattern of angry outbursts.

We Teach How to Change Reactions

Our counselling center is not designed to teach clients to turn off emotions but to teach ways to change reactions. In many cases, we find that clients have additional issues that contribute to uncontrolled anger or can affect inter family or professional relationships. Anger issues can make it difficult to deal with personal relationships with children, spouses or parents. You may have legal problems due to reckless driving, fighting or making threats to others. It is possible that you grew up in a home with family members who never displayed the correct way to remain calm while using specific techniques to control anger.

Learn How to De-Escalate Your Anger

Spending several weeks discussing how to de-escalate your anger by modifying a home or work environment in a variety of ways is imperative. We will teach you how to relax during a difficult situation or find a way to walk away to calm down. One of the most important things you will learn are new ways to communicate with co-workers, family members and friends to explain why something is making you upset, instead of lashing out physically or emotionally. Each session with our helpful counselors will end with a packet of homework designed to continue teaching you new methods of anger control. Anger does not always mean violence or out-bursts, many of us can get angry without anybody else knowing, this is not good for our professional or family lives. Therefore, by completing our anger management course or one to one sessions one can learn how to control that anger and place that energy into new areas of life.

How to Contact Us to Attend an Anger Management Course

A variety of Group Anger Management Courses and one to one sessions are offered throughout the year at our on-site facility.  One to One sessions last for one hour with a total of eight sessions to teach you several coping strategies to prevent overwhelming anger. whereby, our group anger management course is held on a weekend over two days. Making changes takes time, but by attending weekly sessions, you have an opportunity to build skills slowly while discussing outcomes with a knowledgeable and fully accredited counsellor. Anyone interested in registering for a particular course with our counsellors can click on the course name to learn the start dates. Alternatively, you can call us at our telephone number during office hours at 01-5240708 to get additional information.

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