What You Should Know About Pre Marriage Courses in Dublin

Nov 30, 2021Counselling, Courses

Much preparation goes into a couple’s wedding day that even the minutest detail never skip the scrutiny of the bride and the groom. You probably know what we mean if you and your significant other are about to wed.

While the “big day” is undeniably a momentous occasion, it should not be the only thing you should plan for. You should also prepare for your life after saying ‘I do’, and pre marriage courses can help you do this.

What Are Pre Marriage Courses?

It is common knowledge that relationship counselling can be helpful for couples who are having challenges in their union. Similarly, those planning to tie the knot can also benefit from taking a pre marriage course and talking to a counsellor to prepare for their new life as husband and wife.

Also called a premarital course, this counselling programme is designed to help couples learn about the challenges they may encounter in their marriage and how they can overcome them together.

In Ireland, the government does not require couples to enrol in a pre marriage course before they wed. However, if you intend to marry in a Catholic Church, you have to take the course before your big day.

This is part of the church law, so even those who plan to have Catholic wedding rites abroad have to take a marriage preparation course. A certificate is issued as proof that you and your partner completed this requirement.

However, while it is mandatory to undergo pre marriage counselling under church law, certain priests do not insist on it. What they do instead is conduct the marriage preparation guidance themselves. Hence, it is best to ask your priest early on if you need to take the course to avoid confusion.

When to Schedule Pre Marriage Courses

Couples have the freedom to choose when to take the course as the church does not have a set time for its completion.

You have to keep in mind, though, that your schedule can get very hectic as the wedding day approaches. So, it is best to accomplish this requirement early on to minimise your worries.

Moreover, the schedule for pre marriage counselling in Dublin gets filled up fast. In fact, it is highly recommended that you book at least six months in advance to get the date you prefer.

Meanwhile, the length of the course varies depending on the provider, but the average duration is around eight to nine hours. Some run a one-day course, while others offer it as a two-day programme.

What Topics Are Discussed in Pre Marriage Courses in Dublin?

Communicating effectively with your spouse is one of the most important things you will learn in the course. Communication is essential for the survival of any relationship. But not every couple knows how to converse with each other, particularly when it comes to serious matters like finances, having and raising children and sexual activity.

By taking the course, you and your partner will learn how to talk about these tough topics in a respectful, productive and constructive manner. Your pre marriage counsellor will teach you how to develop a structured conflict resolution method that you can use to stay civil and rational even amid a heated discussion.

The session can also serve as a venue for couples to tackle unresolved or current issues (such as concerning behaviours or habits) that can affect their relationship.

Likewise, it can be an opportunity for both parties to discuss matters that they haven’t talked about yet, like the level of confidentiality they should have and minor things like how much housework they expect each other to do.

To add, the pre marriage course can help couples plan for their future life together. With the counsellor’s guidance, you can set your goals (buying a house, having children, travel plans, etc.) and create a plan on how to achieve them.

In summary, taking a pre marriage course may seem unnecessary, especially if you and your significant other have been together for years. But many couples, even those who have been in a long-term relationship, have found counselling to be very helpful in preparing them for their new life. Some reports even cite that taking the course minimises the probability of divorce.

So, you should consider talking to a pre marriage counsellor even if your church or priest does not require you to do it. The programme can help you develop a solid foundation for a successful and lasting marriage.

Are you getting married soon? Let’s help you prepare for your new life as husband and wife. Access Counselling offers pre marriage courses in Dublin delivered by experienced couple and relationship counsellors. Call us on 01-5240708 to book an appointment.

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