What is Counselling?

Counseling is a chance to talk confidentially with someone who can help you learn skills and new ways of looking at situations. This can help you be more capable of solving problems on your own.

Some clients benefit from one or two sessions of problem-solving, while some concerns may warrant further counselling sessions.

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Although counsellors may differ somewhat in their approaches, there are certain similarities that characterize counseling. In the beginning stage of counseling, your counsellor will ask about your concerns to gain a deeper understanding of you. As counseling proceeds, trust between you and your counselor builds and a working partnership is developed. The counselor will help you to explore your feelings, make decisions, and resolve your concerns.

What kind of counseling is available?

The Dublin Access Counselling Centre offers counselling in three different ways:

  • Group Counselling
  • Individual Counselling
  • Couples Counselling

While the Dublin Access Counselling Centre offers counselling for a wide variety of concerns, we also offer some specialized services. these include:

  • Substance Abuse Counselling
  • Women’s Counselling (including eating disorders, sexual assault/  abuse/harassment)
  • Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Counselling
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Marriage Guidance
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Parenting Conflicts

Who are the counsellors?

All of our counsellors have had training and experience suited to counselling. Here at Access counselling, we have male and female counsellors of all ages, with either Diplomas or Degrees in Counselling. We have accredited counsellors with the IACP or we have counsellors working towards the IACP accreditation. Our training and interests span a broad range of approaches to counselling.

Why do people come to counselling?

Here are some common concerns:

  • confusing and distressing feelings
  • low self-confidence
  • depression and lack of motivation
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • substance abuse
  • problems with eating and body image
  • relationship problems
  • Work problems
  • adapting to major life changes (new baby, moving house, moving jobs)
  • Anger Management – loosing it with work colleagues, familly and friends

What can I expect from my counsellor?

You can expect someone who:

  • will be accepting of differences of race, cultural background, ability, gender, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation.
  • will maintain the highest ethical and legal standards of confidentiality in accordance with the IACP.
  • is interested in listening to your concerns.
  • will be open to discuss anything you wish.

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