Relationship Counselling Dublin – What Is It All About?

Dec 3, 2019Counselling

Relationships are not always like what is depicted in movies and novels – a happily ever after affair. The truth is that for most couples it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Many encounter bumps along the way and some struggle to keep it together.

Simply put, marriages or romantic partnerships aren’t always smooth-sailing.

Sometimes, couples need help resolving issues and navigating their relationship. This is where marriage or relationship counselling comes in.

This type of therapy is primarily for couples, married or not, who are having issues. Its purpose is to help romantic pairs resolve conflicts or problems they may have that’s preventing their partnership from flourishing.

Who Goes to Relationship Counselling?

Most couples who get therapy are those who are encountering challenges. These conflicts may have prevented them from communicating clearly and properly or stunted the growth of their relationship.

But those who go to therapy are not only those who are in crisis.

Some couples with minor issues see a counsellor to prevent things from escalating. These people recognise the value of being proactive, especially in resolving relationship conflicts. They want to immediately address the little hiccups they encounter to maintain a healthy partnership.

Suffice it to say, there are many different reasons why couples see counsellors. The common denominator amongst these pairs, however, is that they all want to sort out things for their relationship to move forward.

If you feel like you and your partner hit a snag in your marriage or if you simply want to know if you have a healthy partnership, seeing a professional relationship counsellor in Dublin may help you.

How Does Couples Counselling Work?

It is just like other types of counselling wherein the patient undergoes a session the same time every week.

This therapy is about you and your better half; it is not about the counsellor. Hence, do not expect her to be talking about herself. What should happen instead is for you and your partner to talk about yourselves and your relationship.

Openness is essential to get the best result out of the therapy. Understandably, talking to a stranger can be unnerving, especially if you are a very private person.

Here’s what you can do:

Think about the reasons why you are getting therapy. Use it to overcome any apprehension you have about opening up. Another thing you can do is to write down stuff beforehand. This can serve as your guide during your session.

Keep this in mind:

Your counsellor’s office is a safe place for talking. You can be certain that what you say during the sessions are kept confidential.

Furthermore, your counsellor is not there to cast judgement on you or your partner. She also would not take sides. She is there to listen to both of you, understand the underlying cause of your problems and help you resolve them.

It should also be noted that relationship counselling requires the participation of both partners for it to work. This means you and your better half should attend the sessions together and more importantly, open up.

Where to Get Relationship Counselling in Dublin?

There are many counsellors in Dublin and other parts of Ireland. All you have to do is find one that is truly experienced in what you need – relationship counselling.

You can search for one online or ask recommendations from people you trust. Make sure you do not just research information though; talk to the counsellor if possible. This is necessary for you to determine if she is the right one for you, specifically if you’d be comfortable talking to her.

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