Does Online Couples Counselling Benefit Those Considering Divorce?

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Are you standing at the crossroads of your relationship, contemplating divorce as a way out? The journey through marital strife is never easy, and making the decision to end a marriage is even more challenging. It’s an immensely personal and emotional journey, fraught with questions, uncertainties, regret and hope.

But before you take that irreversible step, have you considered the potential benefits of online couples counselling? In this article, we will explore whether online marriage counselling can be a lifeline for couples on the brink of divorce, offering hope and a path towards healing.

Understanding Divorce in Ireland

Divorce in Ireland has been on an upward trend since its introduction in 1995. According to the Court Service Annual Report, there were 5266 divorce applications in 2020, an interesting rise of over 29% compared to 2019. In the same year, 3,164 divorces were granted. In 2021, an 11% increase was noted with over 5,856 applications. Meanwhile, there were 4,264 divorces granted, 35% more than the previous year.

Common reasons for divorce in Ireland often include communication breakdown, financial strain, substance abuse, domestic violence, and infidelity.

Within the legal landscape in Ireland, the process for obtaining a divorce remains strict. Couples must first meet several requirements, such as living separately for at least four of the previous five years before applying for a divorce. Additionally, couples must prove that there is no chance of reconciliation and that proper provisions have been made for both parties and their children.

Divorce scenarios not only have lasting emotional impacts but also pose complex legal issues, often leaving individuals in a state of inner conflict and confusion. The financial implications can also be daunting. This is why, before you rush into a decision that could have lifelong consequences, consider whether there’s a way to salvage your relationship.

The Role of Couples Counselling in Preventing Divorce

When facing a potential divorce, couples counselling can be a lifeline. It provides a safe, unbiased space for partners to air their grievances, articulate their needs and explore possible solutions.

Whether done in-person or online, counselling can transform the tumultuous terrain of marital discontent into a manageable journey. A skilled marriage counsellor can help reveal patterns and enhance communication. If reconciliation isn’t possible, the therapist can facilitate a more amicable, less damaging dissolution process.

Research indicates that marriage counselling can prove beneficial for many relationships. According to studies, approximately 70-75% of couples who attended couples therapy reported improvements in their relationships. Additionally, couples counselling has been shown to improve communication skills, increase satisfaction, and develop conflict resolution strategies, all vital aspects when navigating marital challenges.

Does Online Couples Counselling Benefit Those Considering Divorce

Online Couples Counselling: An Emerging Trend

In today’s digital age, online counselling has grown remarkably. It brings numerous advantages, including ease of access from the comfort of your home, privacy, and the ability to choose your preferred therapist from a wider pool, regardless of their physical location.

Studies show that online therapy is as effective as traditional face-to-face counselling. In some cases, it’s even more effective in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety – issues that often come to the fore when considering divorce.

In recent years, Ireland has seen an increase in mental health services, particularly online counselling options. The Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) recognises online therapy as a viable alternative to traditional face-to-face sessions, so long as it adheres to the same ethical and professional guidelines.

What Is Online Couples Counselling?

Online couples counselling, also known as virtual couples therapy, is a contemporary approach to marriage counselling. It has gained popularity due to its accessibility and convenience. With the advent of technology, couples can now seek professional guidance from the comfort of their homes.

But how does this work?

Online relationship or marriage counselling involves sessions conducted via video conferencing, phone calls, or even chat platforms. Like traditional in-person couples therapy, it addresses relationship issues, improves communication, and fosters emotional intimacy. Trained therapists provide guidance and tools to help couples navigate their problems effectively.

The Benefits of Online Couples Counselling

With online couples counselling’s rising prevalence, a new avenue for resolution emerges. For couples standing on the brink of divorce, virtual counselling can provide numerous benefits:


No commute to a therapist’s office. A stable internet connection, a device, and a quiet space, and you’re set for your session. This is especially beneficial for couples with tight schedules or living in rural areas away from counselling centres.


Geographical boundaries no longer limit access to a wide array of therapists. With online counselling, you have access to therapists from different cities like Dublin or Cork or even countries. This means you can find a therapist whose approach and expertise align with your needs.

Privacy and Comfort

For those uncomfortable being seen in a counsellor’s waiting room, online sessions provide enhanced confidentiality. Additionally, discussing deeply personal issues in the comfort of your own home can be less intimidating.


Schedules can be more flexible due to the omission of travel time. Some marriage therapists offer weekend or evening slots to fit your needs.


Online couples counselling tends to be more budget-friendly compared to traditional in-person therapy. In a time when financial challenges can weigh heavily, this accessible option allows you to seek professional help without straining your finances further. It offers a practical and affordable way to address your relationship issues while managing your budget wisely.

Does Online Couples Counselling Benefit Those Considering Divorce 3

When to Seek Marriage Counselling

Couples often wait until their relationship has significantly deteriorated before seeking help; by then, it might be too late. It’s essential to recognise the signs that you could benefit from couples counselling to address these matters early on and help build a stronger foundation to resolve the issues that might otherwise lead to divorce. Some common indicators include:

Consistent, unhealthy communication patterns: Frequent criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling can erode the bond between partners, leading to an inability to resolve conflicts or understand one another’s needs.

Loss of trust or infidelity: Whether emotional or physical, affairs can severely damage the trust between partners. Couples counselling can help navigate the difficult process of rebuilding trust, setting boundaries, and exploring the underlying issues that led to infidelity.

Disconnect in emotional and physical intimacy: A lack of emotional closeness or a significant decrease in affectionate touch and sexual activity can signal a deeper issue within the relationship. This can stem from unresolved conflicts, different libido levels, or a need for individual growth, all of which can be addressed in therapy sessions.

Disagreements over finances or parenting styles: Different views on financial management and parenting can breed resentment and lead to conflicts. Couples counselling can facilitate healthy discussions, promote understanding, and help create compromises that satisfy both partners.

Unresolved conflict or anger issues: Unaddressed anger can grow and manifest itself in arguments, passive-aggressiveness, and frustration. Counselling can help identify the triggers, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and foster open communication to manage and resolve conflicts constructively.

Life transitions: Major life transitions, such as retirement, empty nesting, career shifts, or relocation, can significantly impact a relationship. Marriage counselling can provide support during these times, helping the couple adapt and manage changes together.

Feelings of loneliness or emotional detachment: If a partner feels unheard, unappreciated, or disconnected in the relationship, counselling can reveal the root causes, suggest ways to reconnect, and enhance emotional bonding.

In conclusion, deciding on the future of your marriage – to move towards divorce or rebuild the union, is a deeply challenging choice. Amidst the struggle of this decision, online couples counselling could offer an invaluable space to explore feelings, thoughts, and resolutions.

For some, it represents the last attempt to salvage something precious. For others, it’s a gentle, structured way to part ways.

Whether you’re seeking to understand the pitfalls in your relationship, learn new communication skills, or navigate an impending divorce, online therapy can offer support, guidance and insight to help carve out a path that feels right for you.

Remember, seeking couples counselling doesn’t mean your relationship is flawed or destined for failure. Instead, it means you’re committed to working together, facing challenges, and striving for a healthier, happier partnership.

Don’t let your once beautiful bond unravel without trying every avenue to save it. Get online couples counselling – it’s a brave step but one you won’t regret. Call us today on 015240708 and let our experienced marriage counsellors help you navigate the tumultuous waters of a relationship in crisis and perhaps rediscover the love that once was.


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