Marriage Counselling – Does It Work?

Sep 30, 2018Counselling

The Benefits of Marriage Counselling

When two people decide to commit to spending their lives together, it’s cause for celebration. However, contrary to popular belief, marriage is a lot of hard work. It’s not uncommon for married couples to have problems communicating or resolving conflicts. Marriage counselling can help you build a healthier and stronger marriage.

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When Should You Seek Marriage Counselling?


You can benefit from marriage counselling in many situations. Counselling is great for couples who argue frequently or have unresolved issues. You’ll also find therapy helpful if you feel it’s difficult to communicate with your spouse openly and honestly, if you feel unheard, or if you are afraid to express your feelings and thoughts to your partner.

Benefits of Marriage Counselling


Marriage counselling can benefit you in many ways. Good communication is essential to a healthy marriage. In marriage counselling, a therapist will help you and your spouse learn how to communicate with one another in an effective way. You’ll learn how to ask for what you want or need without demanding, making ultimatums, or yelling. You’ll also learn how to actively listen to your partner. Active listening helps you understand your partner’s point of view, letting him know that he’s been heard.

Marriage counselling will also help you learn about yourself as an individual as well as how you function with your partner as a couple. You’ll explore what you need and want from your spouse and vice versa. You’ll learn how your spouse can meet your needs as well as ways in which you can meet needs your spouse cannot fulfill. You’ll also discover what works and what doesn’t with regards to how you and your partner try to resolve issues. A therapist can help you learn and practice new ways of interacting with each other to effectively resolve issues.

Additionally, you’ll examine how you contribute to the problems in your marriage. It’s difficult to take responsibility for your part in the issues you’re facing, but doing so is the first step to changing your situation.

Given that marriage counsellors are objective third parties, they can see your problems from different perspectives. They can help you see your problems from a new perspective, which can help you and your partner reach reasonable compromises. Marriage counselling also allows both you and your spouse to express your feelings, thoughts, and opinions in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Being able to express yourself in a safe space is essential to a healthy relationship.

How Does Marriage Counelling Work?


In your first appointment, your counsellor will help you assess what your issues are as well as what you’d like to work on with regards to your marriage. Once some goals are set, you can begin to explore your problems more deeply. You’ll explore your relationship and communication patterns as well as examine what has and has not worked in your marriage thus far. Your counsellor will provide an objective perspective on your issues and offer advice for resolving your problems. She will also help you recognize and use your strengths while working through your martial issues. Over time, you’ll gain the relationship skills you need to maintain a healthy and happy marriage.

If you are experiencing any type of problem in your marriage, please give us a call. We’ll set you up with a marriage counsellor who can help you build a strong, happy marriage.

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