How Family Counselling in Dublin Works?

Sep 30, 2021Counselling

It is unavoidable for conflicts to arise in any relationship, including those familial in nature. But sometimes, the issues become unmanageable, hurting family members and straining bonds.

In these situations, getting family counselling from a trusted clinic in Dublin can be very helpful.

What Is Family Counselling?

As the name suggests, it is a form of therapy wherein family members meet with a qualified counsellor to resolve any issue affecting their relationship or dynamics.

Here, members of the family attend counselling together as a group. While the entire brood doesn’t need to be present during the therapy, it is more beneficial if all members participate.

Take note:

This form of counselling is not just reserved for traditional families or those bonded by DNA or legal connections. It is also for those who consider a group their family even if they are not related by blood, marriage or adoption.

On top of resolving the conflict/s hounding the family, this type of counselling also focuses on creating a familial atmosphere where understanding and collaboration exist. The ultimate goal is to restore or maintain healthy family dynamics.

What Can Family Counselling Help With?

Family counselling can be effective in the following situations:

  • Serious illness or death in the family
  • Marital issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health problem
  • Communication breakdown
  • Conflict among siblings
  • Major life event

Most people think about getting family counselling when parents separate. But it is also helpful when parents re-marry, especially when the new partner has children.

Let’s be honest. Starting a blended family is not a walk in the park. The unique dynamics of each family and the different personalities may be challenging for some family members.

Family counselling can help everyone navigate the new situation and understand the role that each of them plays within the family. It can provide the tools needed to improve family dynamics and relationships.

Counselling can teach family members coping mechanisms. The sessions can also serve as a safe venue for them to talk about what they think and feel.

Often, misunderstandings stem from poor communication. This can be addressed in counselling, where family members learn how to express their emotions and thoughts properly and overcome any communication difficulties.

Studies also show that family therapy benefits children, particularly in situations involving conduct disorders and offending behaviour.

How Is Family Counselling Done?

In Dublin, family counselling is conducted just like how it is done in other places. A qualified counsellor handles the sessions using recommended family counselling approaches. Everything discussed in therapy is confidential

The duration of the counselling varies depending on the approach used and the type of problem being addressed. For some, the therapy is limited to 12 sessions. For others, it can last up to 30 sessions.

Most family counselling sessions in Dublin take place at the counsellor’s clinic or office. However, some counsellors offer home visits – a good option for those who are more comfortable talking when they are in a familiar place.

During the initial intake or first session, you can expect the counsellor to focus on identifying and discussing the issue that prompted you and your loved ones to seek counselling. Everyone will be given the opportunity to talk and share their insights.

The succeeding sessions will be devoted to gathering information about your family – the role each member plays, how things work (or the dynamics), crises encountered, etc. These details help the counsellor determine the root of the problem and how best to address them.

The goal of family counsellors is not to identify who’s at fault but rather to help the family find a solution to their problem. This involves creating a plan stating what each family member can do to solve the issue and foster healthy familial interactions.

In summary:

The relationships and dynamics within the family have a lasting impact on a person’s physical, emotional and mental health. Hence, it is important to address issues or dysfunctions before they result in a toxic home environment. So, do not hesitate to see a family counsellor. With the help of an expert, overcoming even the most challenging family problem is not impossible.

Are you looking for family counselling services in Dublin? We have qualified and experienced counsellors who can help restore harmony and balance within your family. Call us on 015240708 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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