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Nov 19, 2018Counselling

Stress is inevitable, especially in offices where pressure is high and people of different personalities interact. Experiencing stress isn’t entirely bad as it serves as a driving force for some to become better. What is harmful is prolonged exposure to stress. This can have costly effects on your job performance and health.

Studies reveal a link between high level of stress and productivity. Employees who are extremely stressed are less productive than those who are not. Moreover, being subjected to high levels of stress also results in increased disengagement and absenteeism. In a workplace where competition is cutthroat, having a subpar performance wouldn’t look good in the eyes of management. If left unaddressed, you may end up losing your job.

The negative impact of stress on health is no secret, too. Various studies have shown that stress increases people’s risk of health problems such as depression, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular diseases, etc. A research even showed that health problems related to workplace stress result in fatal conditions. In fact, the paper noted that job stress and the illnesses it causes kill more people than Alzheimer’s or diabetes.

If you are constantly exposed to workplace stress, do not take it for granted. Given its possible destructive effects on your career and health, addressing job-related anxiety must be your priority.

How To Cope With Workplace Stress

While you cannot eliminate stress, especially the office-related type, from your life, there are things you can do about it. For one, getting professional counselling in Dublin can help you cope better with stress.

Unknown to many, some professional counsellors now offer stress management counselling. Talking to a professional can give you a better insight about your stressors. They can also help you identify changes you can make to minimise or manage stress. Moreover, a qualified counsellor can provide you with stress reduction tactics and advice on how you can prevent job-related anxiety from taking control of your life.

Some may think that instead of a counsellor, why not discuss matters with a family member or a friend? While talking to loved ones can be beneficial, you may have apprehensions about divulging all your concerns to them. With a professional, you can tell them everything without worrying about being judged. Most importantly, you can be certain about the confidentiality of your sessions. Simply put, a qualified counsellor in Dublin can provide you with a safe space for you to talk about job-related concerns and at the same time, gain a better understanding of yourself.

Nowadays, finding a stress management counsellor isn’t difficulty. There are a number of them in Ireland. However, to truly get the help you need, make sure you pick a qualified counsellor. See to it that they have the necessary training and an extensive experience in this field, especially when it comes to stress management counselling.

Also, pick someone who is affiliated with a reputable counselling association such as the Iris Association For Counselling And Psychotherapy (IACP). An IACP-approved counsellor adheres to the code of ethics of the association. They conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner and observes the proper procedure when dealing with clients. Hence, you can rest assured about the confidentiality of your sessions and that you are given the assistance you require.

Is workplace stress taking a toll on you? Get professional counselling in Dublin to help you cope with it. Call us at 01 5240708 for a short consultation with our IACP-approved counsellor.

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