Can Counselling Help with Anxiety?

Aug 31, 2020Counselling

According to a study, rates of anxiety amongst Irish teenagers and young adults are on the rise. The research found that 22% of adolescents and 26% of young adults indicated that they have severe anxiety.

Recently, numerous reports have surfaced that the number of people suffering from anxiety increased due to the global pandemic. Aside from the fear of catching the virus, the isolation due to the lockdown and social distancing orders make people feel alone. Isolation and loneliness trigger or exacerbate people’s anxiety attacks.

What exactly is anxiety? It includes feeling nervous, restless and worried about a particular event, situation or issue. It is a normal occurrence, something that everyone experiences occasionally and for a short while.

However, some people experience intense, excessive and frequent worry and fear that interfere with their daily activities. For some, it becomes debilitating that they are unable to function normally and at their best.

Oftentimes, people with an anxiety disorder feel worried even if there is no reasoned to feel this way. They get easily overwhelmed by their emotions and usually react negatively to unpleasant thoughts, feelings and events.

Other symptoms include a sense of dread, sweating, increased heart rate, muscle tension and rapid breathing, just to name a few. When the anxiety level is high, you may also experience gastrointestinal problems and have trouble sleeping.

Suffice to say, suffering from an anxiety disorder is not easy. It can severely impair your ability to do your tasks in school or at work. It can even interfere with your relationships.  Fortunately, there are treatments available for anxiety disorders and one of them is counselling.

Does Anxiety Counselling Work?

Counselling is highly effective in treating anxiety disorders. In this approach, you are going to learn to identify and handle your triggers – things which contribute to your anxiety. You are also going to become aware of how your thoughts aggravate your anxiety symptoms.

Furthermore, you are going to learn about ways to reduce or prevent the attacks. These typically include changing your thought patterns and behaviours as well as using relaxation and breathing techniques.

In some cases, the counsellors ask patients to do the activities that make them anxious for them to realise that what they fear is not going to happen.

Keep in mind, anxiety counselling is effective only if certain requirements are met. For one, the counsellor needs to be certified and experienced in treating people with anxiety disorders.

The success of the counselling also hinges on how well you and the counsellor work together. Counselling is a collaborative process where you and your counsellor try to identify the root causes of your anxiety and develop concrete plans to cope with it.

So, you cannot expect good results if you do not do your share, i.e., not telling your counsellor what you think or feel. You need to be open and honest during your sessions. You also have to do the tasks or activities that your counsellor gives you.

Lastly, you need to be patient because counselling is not an instant solution. You cannot expect results after just one visit.

Where to Get Anxiety Counselling in Dublin?

Getting anxiety counselling in Dublin is not difficult as there are several clinics that offer this service. However, as mentioned earlier, you need to find a qualified professional – someone who is trained and certified. It is also best if she is an experienced anxiety counsellor.

So, be diligent and research before choosing a counsellor. Ask your friends for recommendations. If you want to be discreet about this, you can search online instead.

From the search results, pick at least 5 to 8 clinics or counsellors. Visit their page to gather information about them – their location, expertise, fees, contact details, etc. Next, try to look for reviews from previous clients. You can check Google My Business and other online business directories as well as online fora.

Once you’ve gathered sufficient information, narrow down the list to three. The next step is to contact the remaining clinics or counsellors. Send them an email or give them a call. Take this opportunity to ask pertinent questions like what their process is.

Based on the answers they provided and how they communicated with you, choose the clinic or counsellor which you think is the right fit for you. Remember, it is important that you pick one that makes you comfortable and safe.

Is your anxiety preventing you from having a normal and happy life? We have counsellors who are experienced in anxiety counselling. Call us on 015240708 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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